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Bloodhound 2.0, the first and only commercial kinship analysis tool capable of operating with no human intervention. Whether you leave it entirely up to artificial intelligence or choose to have an analyst review and confirm the matches, Bloodhound 2.0 delivers unmatched precision and confidence assessments across the spectrum of pedigrees, no matter how much genetic information is available.

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Thresholds and Decisions are Objective and quantified

The AI leverages the discrimination ability of pedigree structures and genotypes, the allele frequency distribution of the relevant population and a global analysis of all pedigree matches against the individuals in the database to deliver matches and their associated probabilities.

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From simple pedigrees

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A truly hands-off pedigree mapping engine.

To complex pedigrees

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See complex multi-generation pedigrees, recognize similar pedigree structures and identify structure classes that cannot be solved.

To pedigree networks

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Display individuals and pedigrees as an informative network map to better understand the AI’s decisions.

BLOODHOUND 2.0 anywhere

Bloodhound 2.0 was designed for mobility, whether records need to be reviewed in the lab, on the field or at home.

Be always in the know

On the field and new data was just delivered to the database? Bloodhound 2.0 allows you to connect no matter where you are and see the data.

See what matters

Get the complete picture, even from your phone.

Make decisions when you need to

No need to wait until you are back in the lab to review and approve new matches.

BLOODHOUND Technical Features

Traceability and flexibility

Bloodhound 2.0 includes audit trail logging and a clustered relational database backend for high availability and scalability.

Platform versatility

Bloodhound 2.0 has been optimized to leverage today’s massively parallel computer architecture capabilities from general-purpose computing on graphics processing units, to multi-threaded/multicore processors on a local server cluster, to cloud services.

BLOODHOUND 2.0 performance

Process billions of comparisons in mere minutes and iteratively solve complex and degenerate pedigrees that were previously unsolvable.

Load, Score & Rank, Characterize and Optimize

The Bloodhound AI engine can be trained and tuned to deliver results

Although the AI is able to continuously move across iterations, the interface was designed to gate the AI's resulting matches for review by a human analyst.

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All the details you need To Make The Right Match

score ranks

Score and rank

Compare LR scores for possible matches and their rank

score ranks score ranks

Confidence interval

See how true matches and random matches line up in the target pedigree

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Error rates

Know your odds of making an incorrect match

Complex Pedigrees And Network Mapping Engine


Complex relationships

Whatever the structure, the pedigree mapping engine will detect it and display it.


Multi-generations and multi missing nodes

The AI's scoring and mapping capability outshines all other methods on complex pedigrees.


Network of related pedigrees

When too little genetic information is available to solve the kinship structure, the network mapping engine can display the individual in a network of related pedigrees.

Understanding confidence intervals

Why are they important to forensic kinship analysis?

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Understanding impact of allele variability
And pedigree structures on matching performance


Let’s imagine a simple pedigree structure with 2 genotyped parents and a missing child.


Other pedigrees with the same structure and different starting alleles, yield very different confidence intervals…


And different error rates


And whatever the structure, Bloodhound can obtain and a clear picture of how the scores spread…


And the probability of observing a true match


Getting the best answer you can get

Bloodhound uses an artificial intelligence powered engine and network analysis for match optimization. A recently performed large scale study of over 10,000 simulated pedigrees and missing individuals demonstrated the Bloodhound classifier outperformed a classifier that relied on LR score rankings alone by an average 17%.

What’s new in Bloodhound

The latest Bloodhound delivers unmatched precision, performance and flexibility to forensic kinship analysis.

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Objective and quantified
Introducing performance quantitation to forensics.

Let the Bloodhound AI show you the impact of different allele combinations or permutations in pedigree structures on your ability to find the correct match.


Fully automated

Let the Bloodhound AI show you the impact of different allele combinations or permutations in pedigree structures on your ability to find the correct match.


Network analysis

First use of AI and network analysis in forensics. Input pedigrees are quickly organized into higher order structures with similar solution characteristics for faster results.

Learn and solve
Iterative resolution of structures with multiple missing individuals.

With each new pedigree Bloodhound learns something new and processes new data a little faster.


Access anywhere

Mobile access. Connect to Bloodhound from your favorite device, whenever you need to and wherever you are.

Platform versatility
Performance optimization across multiple technology platforms

Whatever the resources at hand, Bloodhound has been designed to make the best of it and process the data efficiently.

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