BloodhoundTM Find What's Lost

The advent of Short Tandem Repeat (STR) technology has enabled even the most minute sample of degraded DNA to yield a useful profile for the process of identification.

Using its extensive technology development experience and expert advice from world leaders in forensic science, Ananomouse Corporation created BloodhoundTM, the first and only commercial kinship analysis tool capable of efficient deployment. Bloodhound's analysis engine based on STRs proved to be successful at identifying all victims in the Swissair Flight 111 Air Disaster in 1998 and thousands in the World Trade Center bombings.

Bloodhound Applications

  Mass Fatality

Bloodhound is capable of acting as the foundation of an extensive platform handling victim identification, data management, and wide area information manipulation.

  Missing Persons

Bloodhound's architecture is designed for distributed processing, allowing for the unprecedented application of the principles of kinship analysis to a city, state or nationwide database of missing persons.


Bloodhound's engine is capable of statistically evaluating several generations of relation enabling immigration authorities in the process of familial relationship verification.


  High Throughput Processing

Built on client-server technology, a centralized database is accessed over a network. Bloodhound's architecture provides efficient load management and simplified code updates. Written in C++ code, this application can handle millions of genotypes, suitable for a nationwide missing persons' database.

  Highly Scalable

The server or series of servers are configured to allow high throughput processing of many requests, without tasking the individual workstation. Large collections of complete/partial STR genotypes are analyzed in a matter of hours.


Identifies perfect matches to personal effects Identifies matches through parentage trios Confirms consistency of family pedigrees and flags potential errors


Integrates multiple data types Provides cross-referencing from multiple data sources Generates reports and pedigree diagrams

  Cost Effective

Reduces man hours associated with each case. Dramatically increases the volume of cases handled Delivers incredible ease of use to forensics apprentices and experts alike.


System Requirements

  Server Side


MS SQL Server 2005 Standard edition

MS Server with Terminal Services (2003 recommended, 2000 acceptable)


Intel® XeonTM Processor at 2.8GHz/2MB Cache, 800MHz FSB

4GB DDR2 400MHz

800GB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive

  Server Side


MS Windows (Vista recommended, XP acceptable)


Intel® Processor at 2.0GHz

2GB DDR2 400MHz

200GB 5400 RPM Hard Drive


Bloodhound pricing is established on the basis of your organization's needs. Factors that are considered are the number of concurrent users, the number of profiles to be processed, and architecture.

Please contact our sales department for a quotation.