Cancer Genomic Signature

Ananomouse’s Cancer Genomics Signature initiative aims to provide cancer patients and healthcare professionals with the latest informatics tools for improved therapeutic decisions. Leveraging the specificity of genomics profiling of tumor tissue the signatures allows for cancer management plan tailored to the individual patient.

The first diagnostic assays developed by Ananomouse, Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Recurrence Assay, can assist treatment planning by quantifying the likelihood of cancer recurrence.


CRC Recurrence Assay is a clinically validated, multi-gene assay that provides a quantitative assessment of the likelihood of colorectal cancer recurrence. The CRC Recurrence Assay opens the door to individualized colorectal cancer treatment by providing valuable, patient-specific information to optimize treatment plans.

Focusing on the most informative genes the assay has demonstrated robustness and reliability in recurrence prediction.

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