Computational Biology Consulting

The Ananomouse team leverages extensive experience in the software development and biological sciences to provide a wide range of services from custom designed bioassays to custom data analysis solutions and specialized bioinformatics algorithms.

To manage large quantities of data needed for comprehensive research, Synopsis relies on an industry-standard relational database, providing scalability to all levels of application.

Partnering with your experts Ananomouse can help you improve:

   Workflow design, process control and diagnostics
   Process optimization and quality control
   Data design, analysis and reporting


Whether your needs are clearly defined or simply an idea, the Ananomouse team initiates all projects with thorough needs assessment and requirements gathering definition. Our expert team will develop a project plan tailored to the organization and the challenges of the domain, whether genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics.

A close collaboration of research scientists and software engineers will ensure solution delivery on time and on budget. Ananomouse professional services can provide assistance on the design and implementation level.

For more details regarding our consulting services, please use our general inquiries contact information.