About Ananomouse

Building on more than sixty years of research experience and over fifty years of software development experience, Ananomouse Corporation is a bioinformatics company which brings critical solutions to life-sciences and forensics professionals. Core team members include scientists with expertise in the areas of comparative genomics and comparative biology.

At a Glance

   Headquarters: Boston, MA, USA

   Founded: 2002

   Employees: 14 in 2 North American offices


Ananomouse Corporation has made a history of solving difficult bioinformatics problems with graceful and effective technologies. Its innovations have enabled scientific professionals to solve difficult problems with far reaching implications. The lives of thousands have been touched by our technologies, and we strive to continue to do so by setting standards with the applications that we develop.


  To produce class-leading software leveraging core scientific competencies.

  To be recognized as a reliable company capable of delivering software solutions on time and on budget.

  To foster an environment which produces competent, focused, and motivated professionals.


  Ananomouse will use sound scientific principles coupled with leading edge software architecture to produce enterprise grade applications capable of solving highly complex problems.

  We shall make continuous efforts towards increasing efficiency and improving the quality of our software development and delivery processes.

  We shall maintain a simple and lean organizational structure, with minimal bureaucracy, fast decision making processes and effective coordination between the client and oursleves.

   And we shall always employ best practices to develop tools which are best-of-breed in our market.