Ananomouse Corporation Inc., a Massachusetts based software company dedicated to producing enterprise grade solutions for research and forensic applications. Targeting problems critical to these industries, Ananomouse is capable of developing robust solutions to the complex problems facing these industries.

July 7 2008

United States Department of Justice acquires international BloodhoundTM License to complement CODIS program

Bloodhound’s scientific pedigree and validation seen as an asset in the organization’s effort to efficiently identify missing persons.


May 20 2007

Ananomouse announces the development of clinical oncology genomic signatures

New strategic direction marks an expansion of the company’s efforts in the field of molecular diagnostics.

June 15 2006

Ananomouse Provides Subject Matter Expertise on Computational Genomics

Scientific Advisory Board members named as Subject Matter Experts by Scientific Applications International Corporation

January 13 2006

SynopsisTM Now Available

Ananomouse Corporation Announces the release of genome visualization software

December 5 2005

Ananomouse Corporation Participates in the Formulation of Mass Disaster Strategies

Ananomouse Corporation announces team member participation in the development of strategies to handle future mass disaster.

September 7 2004

Ananomouse's Kinship Analysis Platform, Bloodhound, Selected for Emerging Technologies Conference

Following a competition by jury selection, Ananomouse Corporation has been asked to present its kinship analysis software platform at the MIT Technology Review Emerging Technologies Conference in Cambridge, MA.

September 10 2003

Ananomouse Releases Mass Fatality Kinship Analysis Solution in Response to Need in the Wake of September 11 2001 Attacks

Addressing growing demands from medical and enforcement agencies, Ananomouse Corporation has announced the release of its debut product, a kinship analysis application named Bloodhound.