May 20 2007

Ananomouse announces the development of clinical oncology genomic signatures

Ananomouse Corporation announced today the launch of a new initiative targeting the development of clinical oncology genomic signatures. Leveraging its genomics expertise and relationship with leading hospitals, the company’s initiative aims to develop biomarker-based tools for cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment.

The new initiative is a natural extension to the company’s life sciences product suite. The discovery of biomarkers for cancer screening and diagnostics involves a distinctive combination of wet lab facility and computational tools and specialized domain expertise. Ananomouse’s demonstrated capability for building class leading high-throughput computational genomics platforms that address a wide range of biological problems will play a large part in this initiative as such platforms play a critical part in identifying meaningful signatures.

Cancer represents one of the greatest challenges that modern medicine faces. Despite a variety of methods for treatments, the single most important factor in improving mortality rates is early identification. A diagnostic signature permits the identification of individuals at risk before the onset of disease, permitting closer surveillance and the earliest possible intervention. “The team is excited to be a part of an initiative that could one day benefit the health of our friends and family”, says Adrian Cho, Ananomouse’s Director of Software Engineering.

Whether the signatures lead to improved efficiency in managing the complexities of the cancer diagnostic and therapeutic process, earlier detection and identification of those at increased risk for cancer, the development of clinical oncology genomic signatures holds the promise of significant public health and economic benefits.