PraxisTM Protocol Maintenance And Analysis

PraxisTM is a software platform developed to facilitate consensus workflows for human sample collection and analysis. Supporting this objective, Praxis establishes a a genomic/proteomic expression database and analysis platform correlated with phenotypic and data collection QA metrics.

Praxis Applications

   The Problem:

Scarcity of high-quality, well-phenotyped human fluid and tissue samples is a major bottleneck in the drug discovery and development process.

Pharmas’ enabling technology groups are armed with powerful tools and the expertise to maximize their utility yet lack the biological foundation to which to put them to best use.


Data analysis and processing in Praxis


  Differential expression measures for single or multi-factorial experiments.

  Provide false discovery rate calculations.

  Report results according to customizable analytical parameters.

  Test entire arrays or a limited input set of genes/proteins.

  Generate analytical and QA plots.

  Generate additional reports/plots based on differential expression results.

  Gene set expression analysis.

  Pathway reports for each significantly differentially regulated pathway

  Annotation of the result sets based on the organism of interest and according to fields of interest.

  Allows users to search for probe sets of interest based on any of the above reference annotations.


System Requirements

  Server Side


mySQL Server 2005 or later

MS Server 2008 with Terminal Services


Intel® XeonTM Processor at 2.8GHz/2MB Cache

2GB DDR2 400MHz

400GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive

  Server Side


MS Windows (Vista recommended, XP acceptable)


Intel® Processor at 2.0GHz

1GB DDR2 400MHz

200GB 5400 RPM Hard Drive


Praxis pricing is established on the basis of your organization's needs. Factors that are considered are the number of concurrent users, the number of samples to be processed, and architecture.

Please contact our sales department for a quotation.