SynopsisTM Visualize Life

SynopsisTM is a state-of-the-art genome visualization and browsing tool. It provides ease of access to continually updated public-domain and private data sources for examination of configurable regions of biological data.

With its intuitive interface, users are able to access the most powerful available genomic visualizer to view, compare, annotate, and create reports on an unlimited number of genomes from the same or differing organisms, as well as for pathogens and allergens.

To manage large quantities of data needed for comprehensive research, Synopsis relies on an industry-standard relational database, providing scalability to all levels of application.

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The following is a summary of the features offered by Synopsis:

  Automatically download and combine millions of objects of genomic data from multiple sources at the push of a button;

  Unify and organize data into projects and customize intuitive display of all levels of detail, from chromosome to individual base pairs;

  Hierarchical browsing of custom integrated genomic data with the capacity to visualize all-against-all genomic comparisons and allowing abstraction of partially assembled genomes;

  View, compare, annotate and report on multi-sourced genomic data stored in a secure high-performance relational database capable of efficiently handling the largest projects;

  Creation of custom modules for conducting proprietary analyses (Enterprise Edition):

  Ability to access internal BLAST or BLAT databases;

  Use Advanced-Search function to access internal corporate repositories and link them dynamically to genome views;

  Link genomic objects to internal corporate reports and data repositories.

  Teams of researchers can save time by securely sharing a centralized server-based genomic database (Enterprise Edition)


The following are the minimum system requirements for operation of Synopsis. Although the sofware can be run on lesser systems, this may affect operation depending on load.


mySQL 5.x

MS Windows 2003 Server (2008 Recommended)


2 Gigabyte of Ram

200 Gigabytes of available hard drive space

10/100 Mbps Ethernet


Synopsis is available in varying grades of implementation depending on your needs:

Synopsis Professional Edition

User deployable desktop model suitable for research by individuals or small groups:

Licenses Pricing Academic Pricing*
1-4 $14000 $6000
5-9 $11800 $5300
10+ Please contact our sales department.
* Applies to purchases made on the behalf of a recognized academic institution

Synopsis Enterprise Edition

This edition of the software is a custom installed application and can be integrated into existing systems, accessible to internal data sources. It allows teams of researchers to securely share and jointly annotate a database.

Please contact us for a quotation.